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Let us take care of your socials in English Spanish and now also in Japanese! With specialized expertise in the F&B market, particularly with extensive experience working with wineries and liquors, we handle the daily tasks and small details on your behalf. Our focus is on fostering brand growth and awareness, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most.

Some of the tasks we will be handling include: 

  • Assessment on the look & feel (logo and main photo, stories, posts, design, maintenance, etc.)

  • Identification of areas for improvement and opportunities for growth

  • Creation and posting of daily, weekly and monthly content (promos, trends, relevant information, reels, etc.)

  • Review and improvement of hashtags, keywords, and comments.

  • Creation of giveaways and promotions to increase community engagement."

Tienda de ropa online

Each business needs a different Marketing strategy, let us be part of your team and help you improve the results of your business. ​


1. Research

The first thing is to know your current situation; know the team, the skills, knowledge that exist, define the business objectives and other important factors. ​


2. Work side by side

Time to work! You will execute the entire planned strategy, you will not be alone, we will be part of your team. We will be in contact by email and video calls so that we can move forward efficiently ​


3. Follow up 

Month by month we will make video calls to see all the work done, clear up doubts, resolve problems and define the work that will be carried out in the next stage.

Carrying out promotions is a key element for any business. Attracting new customers as well as improving the experience of existing ones is something recurring and necessary. 


Some of the promotional actions we carry out:

  • Seminars & wine salons

  • Trade missions

  • Pop up stores

  • Press releases

Conferencia de negocios

To be true to our values, we pride ourselves on offering wine tourism trips to both our private clients and our corporate clients so that they can experience the entire winemaking process and taste it in its essence.

Our Clients & Partners

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