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Rías Baixas

Rías Baixas is a stunning region located on the northwest coast of Spain, specifically in the autonomous community of Galicia. This area is known for its amazing combination of coastal landscapes, lush vineyards, and a rich culinary tradition.

Some highlights

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Discover the Cíes Islands and Pristine Nature

Known as the "Galician Caribbean Islands," the Cíes Islands offer white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. It is an ideal place for hiking and enjoying nature.


Visit to Wineries and Albariño Wine Tasting

Rías Baixas is famous for its white wine Albariño. Visiting the local wineries will allow you to get up close with the production process and taste this unique wine in its place of origin.

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Landscape, Bicycle, and Wine

The vineyards of Rías Baixas extend to the coast, creating a stunning landscape. You can enjoy bike rides among the vines with the Atlantic Ocean in the background, making stops to visit the local wineries and taste their very special wines.


Wine Pairings with Fresh Seafood

The combination of Rías Baixas wines with fresh seafood is an unforgettable culinary experience. Taste the local flavors at restaurants that offer menus specifically designed to enhance the nuances of the wine.

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